5 Things That Brides Forget On Their Wedding Day!

Wedding Wednesday

Hey friends! It's Wednesday and that means I am back for the third week in a row for Wedding Wednesday! If you're a member of my Facebook group - then you voted in my poll for this weeks topic! (Drum roll please....) This week I am discussing the 5 things that Brides (more than likely) will forget on their Wedding Day!

And hey, I know planning a wedding is CRAZY! If you forgot this on your wedding day, it is no big deal! But - I like to think that I am a friend to my brides, and a good friend doesn't sit back and not share what can make their day a WHOLE lot easier! Right?

So here I am giving you a friendly reminder on a few things most brides will forget unintentionally! 

1. The bouquets and boutonnieres need delivered to YOU. (Not the Ceremony location)
This one can easily slip the mind, and if it does, thats okay! However I cannot stress enough how great it is to have your bouquets with YOU as you are getting ready! If the bouquets are there, I can photograph them with your rings and the other details of your wedding day! I love using the flowers for ring shots and you'll need them for bridal/bridesmaids photos anyways!

2. Keep all three rings with you! I will need them for detail pictures.
It is so common for the best man to take the wedding bands, but I promise you - you'll be happy you kept them with you! I need all three of them available when I arrive so that I can photograph them together. It gives me a better chance to photograph them in natural light and in different set ups for more variety in your gallery!

3. Sit in that beautiful wedding dress BEFORE your Wedding day!
I made this mistake, ladies. Sitting in my wedding dress literally made me sick to my stomach! If I would of simply tried on the dress and sat down a few times, I would of realized I needed to loosen it or ditch the corset! So please, PLEASE try on your Wedding dress so that you can sit down, enjoy your dinner and BREATHE!

4. If you want natural portraits outside, your heels will sink! Get heel stoppers!
I have seen this tip said by so many other photographers and brides! It is very true that if you are walking in the grass for portraits, your gorgeous heels WILL sink into the dirt! Luckily there is something that will prevent that. Either bring a pair of flats to change into, or purchase HEEL STOPPERS!

5. Don't stress the little stuff!
Sweet, beautiful bride to be! If there is one thing you take away from this blog post, please take this: Do not worry about each and every imperfection! I promise you If you get a little dirt on your dress, or there is a hair out of place, you will not notice it in your photos. No one at the wedding will notice it either. Trust me, former bride here, I know the feeling of wanting to look absolutely PERFECT walking down that aisle! However, the little things that may happen - will not matter. I have had clients with a spot here or there and I guarantee you - you would not be able to find out who by looking at their wedding photos! Don't stress it! You will be stunning, and it will all be wonderful!

Oh, and don't forget to enjoy your day. Relax. Take in each and every moment as it happens - because the day will fly by. 


Savannah Ward


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