Cash's Farmers Market 1st Birthday Bash! - Personal Post

This past weekend, we celebrated my youngest turning ONE YEARS OLD! His birthday was actually yesterday, (October 3rd) but we celebrated on the 1st. I am beside myself in disbelief. My youngest, little baby has hit that first big birthday and I am just not ready for all my boys to grow up! We made the conscious decision that Cash would be our last babe, so its kind of a bittersweet moment. Knowing your baby is healthy, growing and learning - is the best! But also, knowing that you won't ever have that 2 month old who snuggles all day, or the 6 month old who just learned to crawl, or the no-teeth gummy smiles and giggles that we love so much. We have experienced it with our babies, and are thankful for them reaching NEW milestones and becoming little people. I guess I just treasure the baby days so much, and I truly hate how fast it flies by.

Cash is now walking (almost running) around ...everywhere! He absolutely LOVES PIZZA (Hey, don't judge me,  you like pizza too!) Honestly I try to feed my kids the healthiest of foods, but does it happen every day? No. Grilled Cheese, pizza, quesadillas - my kids love cheese I can't help it. I WILL pair it with a vegetable if I am really in the mood to be super health mom! Hahaha.
Cash ADORES music! I mean he loves to dance like a wild man! Bopping up and down, swinging his arms and smiling BIG! I love it. He can say "Mama" or "Mommmmmeeeeeee", "Dad-dee", trying to say "bruhber" for his brothers, says "doggy" and "uh oh". He loves to blow on his food if its warm whenever I do it - he makes the perfect little 'O' face and it melts me. Mickey Mouse hot dog song is his jam, he loves that mouse! He sleeps all night, we still nurse all the time, and I don't think that will be stopping any time soon. He's just perfect, guys. I mean the kind of perfect that you have to pinch yourself sometimes like the kind of perfect where you question, "Are you serious? I made that human?" We don't deserve our perfect, beautiful children - but alas, God has blessed us and it's now our job to raise them as best as we can and hope that they will stay just as loving and caring as they are now.

I decided to do a Farmers market party because I did NOT want to do halloween, or just pumpkins, or something ONLY because he was born in October. I love FALL but I wanted to incorporate it only slightly. When you are in the midst of fall, we do make trips to the market for pumpkins, apple picking, hay rides, etc - so I thought why not bring that fun to our back yard!

So we set up our own little market, complete with sack-races, apple bobbing and straw bales! I made homemade caramel apples, set out yummy apple pie and my mom the infamous Heavenly Confections baker - created an ADORABLE cake and cupcakes!

BBQ food to the max, tons of good treats - the kids LOVED IT! They especially loved their own KIDS table that I created out of wood pallets and tablecloths! I thrifted the blankets and pillows and it was just adorable. They had place cards with their favor boxes (which were berry baskets *insert heart eyes*!)

Cash had a blast with all of his friends and family, he loved his cake (for a minute there, then he was totally over the mess!) and enjoyed a caramel apple..or two! 

I probably won't throw a big bash like this for a while, so I wanted to do something extra special for my Cashy-babe. Mommy was wore out after it all, but it was worth it for all of the fun and excitement!

Here are some highlight photos from the day! I was truly trying to be present with my babe, so I didn't take too many of him and handed the camera over to my SIL, Sharon for part of the day.

For a little video I made of my Cash and from the party, click the link below: