Jack is starting Preschool! | Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer

Well... it's happening. My oldest is starting preschool this fall. I am a nervous wreck!!! Even though I know I shouldn't be... but what Mama isn't nervous sending her baby away to school for the first time ever. It's going to be every day... so that is going to be an adjustment for the both of us! He is SO excited! Which in turn, makes me happy. He's starting a new journey, and growing up - it's so bittersweet. In the end though, I'm proud. Because he is so smart, and so funny - I know he's going to have the BEST time making new friends, and learning new wonderful things.

We decided we'd go venture the park and do a quick little "mini" session to capture this new milestone in his life! Jack was eager to play, but did such a good job letting mommy get her shots. :) 

Here's a couple of my favorite portraits from this evening. It really brings a tear to my eye looking at how sweet and happy his face looks. Not to mention how grown up he is. Ahhhh, my kids are growing up so fast!

After photo's we changed into play clothes and had a blast running around the park with his little brother Noah. :)