Makenzie & Colt - Apple Orchard Engagement Session - Lynds Fruit Farm - Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer

Mackenzie & Colt stole my heart the moment Mackenzie sent me their story. So instead of trying to retell it myself, here is what Mackenzie herself sent me. :)

"Our relationship didn't start off in the fairytale way most girls always dream of. He had messaged me one day and after a couple days asked me to go to dinner and fishing with him. Of course my first reaction was there was NO WAY I was going to go to a secluded place with somebody I didn't know (no matter how cute he was). After a detailed Facebook creep sesh and some persuasion, however, I decided I'd take the chance. I knew by the end of our first date that I made the right decision. It was by far the best date I had ever been on. He was sweet, opened my car door for me (and still does to this day), and we ended the night slow dancing to Garth Brooks on a dock on the water as a storm rolled in. The next morning I gushed to my roommates about how perfect it was and swore that I was going to marry him someday. A few months ago I jokingly sent him a picture of an engagement ring I liked and told him my 3 requirements: my nails be painted, I would be able to see my family that night, and somebody be there to capture the moment. Two weeks ago he had told me he was going to ask my parents for permission, and had called me afterwards to tell me all about how it went on his hour drive back to his house. It was late and I had just gotten off of work so I told him goodnight and got ready for bed. About an hour later I hear a knock at my door. Being the paranoid person I am I call my now fiancé and tell him to stay on the phone with me while I check it out. I eventually tell him that I'm just going to ignore it and hope they go away. He convinced me just to peek through the blinds and see who it was, to which I did and saw him standing there. We live about an hour away from one another so every once in a while he'll surprise me. I didn't think much of it until he walked in the door and got down on one knee and with a shaky voice said "I just can't wait any longer, will you marry me?". Talk about a surprise! Standing in my filthy work shirt in my college house at 10 at night, I said yes! Later that night he told me how he made it half way back to his house before he found himself turning around and heading to mine. He called my best friend on the way for a pep talk and some advice on how I would feel about him disregarding my Pinterest inspired requirements. I didn't get my typical Pinterest fairytale proposal and yet it was the most perfect proposal I could ever hope for.  As our one year anniversary approaches (tomorrow actually!) I have never been so sure of our relationship and how it has grown.  Who would of thought the leap of faith I took on that summer day would end in the absolute perfect fairytail we've lived this past year?"

HOW SWEET IS THAT?! I just couldn't stop smiling the entire time I was reading it. They are planning a fall of 2017 Apple Orchard wedding! We started their engagement session at Lynds Fruit Farm. Once Lynds closed, I took them to the tree & field we found down the street the last time my family and I had visited Lynd's. It was so much fun picking apples and enjoying the beautiful sun kissed evening with Mackenzie & Colt!