Merry Christmas! - Personal Post - Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Haha - Seems way to early huh? Well if you're like me, the month of November begins the HOLIDAY season! I start blaring 93.3 fm in my car and jamming to the good classic Christmas songs as soon as it seems - somewhat - acceptable! Plus - My Christmas Minis are being held tomorrow, and I spend so much time shopping and prepping - Im pretty much forced to be in the Christmas spirit weeks early. ;)

Since my mini's are tomorrow, I figured what better time to force my little kiddos to sit for a photo! I tried to make it appealing - Milk & Sugar cookies as a reward.. Now... I am no baker - so they got good ole plain cookies. They did not mind one bit though. And, it was the best way to bribe my crazy, rambunctious four into sitting still for just a few minutes. 

I love how my set up turned out this year - and I cannot wait to use it tomorrow with 8 beautiful families. :)