Noah's First Birthday - Little Indian Cake Smash Session

I cannot believe it! I am posting my BABY'S FIRST BIRTHDAY PHOTOS! He turns the big ONE April 18th, and to get ready for his birthday month/party, we decided to do a cake smash session! :) 

I was unsure about what theme to go with until I came across a "Wild ONE" post and though O M GEE. That is perfect for my Noah! He really is our Wild child, and the Tribal/Little Indian theme has been so much fun already! We are having a POW WOW party in April! It's going to be such a blast!

The sun came out and warmed us up just in time for Noah to do his cake smash yesterday evening. It started out just fine but by the time he got the cake in front of him, he was OVER it! Hah. The tears came out and his Daddy had to help him get into the cake some. Nonetheless, I was able to get some great images of my little baby - And I think I have another idea for a session  to do later on! 


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