Personal Post - Newport Aquarium - Cincinnati, Ohio / Newport, Kentucky - 7.19.15

Heeeeeey! So this past weekend, TWO of my boys and I traveled alongside my second shooter(And Sister-in-law whom I ADORE), Sharon Tolliver, her husband, Jeremy and son Jeremy Jr - To Hamilton, Ohio. I had a wedding booked there and we figured it would be a GREAT opportunity to take our older boys, Mine being 3 and Sharon's being 5, to the aquarium the next day since we would only be about 30 minutes away! It was a long day Saturday for Sharon and I, so the fact that we didn't have to drive ALMOST TWO HOURS back home right after shooting a wedding was a plus! We picked up our pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream immediately after and headed back to the hotel to crash. I mean who doesn't love a pint of Half Baked and Americone Dream, am I right?

The next morning we packed our things and headed straight for the Newport Aquarium.
It was PACKED! Wow, I have never ever seen the line to get in that long. Luckily we had printed our tickets in advance and were able to get right in. Standing in line with two anxious and hyper boys for hours? No thanks! 

We enjoyed every exhibit and our boys were totally into it the entire time! They were the most excited about the sharks and the shark bridge though for SURE! We got a front row seat to watch the scuba diver show, which was AMAZING! I mean, to be brave enough to sit in the bottom of a tank with HUNDREDS of sharks and fish!? I couldn't do it, haha!

After venturing through the aquarium, we obviously made a mandatory purchase in the gift shop. Jack picked out a shark toy and a "squishy squid" as he called it! Haha. Afterwards, we strolled over to Cold Stone and grabbed some ice cream. It was hot outside, and here Sharon and I are again eating ice cream, can you tell we are obsessed?

If you are wondering where my newest little guy is...well.. he had his very first sleepover at Zachary's parents house. This momma was absolutely distraught leaving him, but I knew he was in good hands. I was so excited to get home to him and kiss his chubby face. However, it was nice to give Jack a little extra attention, and I know he enjoyed himself and had fun, that makes it all worth it!

Here are a few photo's from our day! Be sure to check back soon for the blog post from one of my favorite weddings to date!


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