Breast Feeding Session - Breast is Best - Columbus, Ohio Photographer

I had the pleasure of assisting my closest friend, Sharon Tolliver, in a breastfeeding session a couple weekends ago. It. Was. BEAUTIFUL.

I myself have been nursing/breastfeeding my son Noah since his birth. I have been mainly pumping (Because of Noah being in the NICU) - and by the way, I LOATHE pumping - but knew I wanted to do what I could in order to give him the best nutrition possible. I have struggled with supply since a recent clogged milk duct and ended up weaning him off. I have mixed feelings about it... I was able to do it for almost 6 months, so I should be proud - but at the same time, I feel like a failure. Like I failed my baby and couldn't give him an entire year of breastmilk. I wasn't able to nurse or pump for Jack. So I guess I can be somewhat proud of myself for giving Noah what I could.

Anyway... this momma and her sweet, sweet 11 month old baby boy Marley - are amazing. Sharon and her husband built a beautiful tee pee, and the set up for the session was stunning!

I personally believe no one should look at breastfeeding negatively. If you are a breastfeeding momma, I say do it wherever and whenever your baby needs it and stop worrying about how others around you view it! You are doing what YOU believe is best for your children, and THAT is what matters. 


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