Lynd's Fruit Farm with the Ward Children - Personal Post - Columbus, Ohio Photographer

Last Sunday we took our babies out to Lynd's Fruit Farm to pick some apples. Typically we will do the whole experience, let the kids play in the play area, do the maze, etc... however Mommy (aka ME :) ) was on a mission to get some GOOD portraits of my three babies. Kairi is full time Kindergarten now, so getting the opportunity to have all three together, decently dressed, and not covered in mess or fighting with each other - well, its a rarity that I really wanted to capture!

So I grabbed a few blankets, dressed my kiddo's up nice and promised them that if they sat still for some photographs that we would pick apples and EXPLORE. That is a word they really enjoy, they know adventure is coming when I use that term. :)

They did


... ha! I knew it would be a struggle, they are so sick of me taking their pictures all the time - so after a few shots it was a fighting match trying to get them to sit still. I decided after about 15 minutes to just let them be, let their daddy take over, and shoot what I saw as it happened. Honestly when I do this, I feel like I get the BEST images of my children. Lifestyle portraits show so much more than a posed image. It's a style that I love, and I feel like it truly represents a family for who they ARE and not what they WANT to be seen as.

Once Lynd's was closing down, we packed up the kiddos and drove about a mile down the road before my husband, Zachary, said "Wow! This would be a beautiful spot for pictures!" I look up and see this amazing tree, with sunset light pouring through the branches and a creamy-colored field just soaking in the evening light. I was in AWE! I mean WOW my husband has an eye, lemme tell ya.

So I forced him to pull over the car, grab the kids out AGAIN, and we attempted to get a few more pictures before the sun set. The result was fantastic. I may not be in ANY of the images, but what I got was a beautiful portrait of the four people who mean the absolute most to me! An image that I will probably have blown up in a HUGE canvas and hang in my living room for all to see.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do! My little ones are growing up so fast.. Jack, will be celebrating his FOURTH birthday this New Year's Eve.. and Noah is already 6 months old this month. I can't take it. Time needs to slow down, NOW!