Woodsy Couples Session - Indian Run Falls - Columbus, Ohio Photographer

I met Erika a few years back when she rescued a stray kitten that had made a home on our front porch. I myself wanted to keep the poor thing, but my husband is VERY allergic to cats - so I have accepted that I will not ever be able to have my own kitty fluff in my own home. I have to feed my cat obsession by stalking friends cats on Facebook and loving on my sister's cat Warlo when I get the chance. She drove late at night after seeing my frantic post on Facebook to find her a home, all the way to my house and saved the sweet angel from being out in the cold. Years later, here I am capturing the love between these two beautiful people. I have never been to Indian Run Falls before, so it was a nice surprise when we discovered how beautiful it was! We had so much fun walking around the entire park, talking and I learned that Erika is violently ticklish just like I am. (Beware, it's very dangerous to tickle me. I will knock you out unintentionally HA!) Erika and Craig made my job incredibly easy with their amazing chemistry and passion for each other. I am definitely hoping to work with the both of them again! Enjoy my favorite images from their evening session at Indian Run Falls!